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Mens Shoes For The Tough Working Man

If there’s a tough job to do, chances are that there is a crew of tough guys working on it. For this reason, there are many working mens shoes on the market that can help keep men safe, dry, and comfortable during a tough day on the job. Construction workers might be the first working men you think of when you think of men who need work boots, but there are many other jobs out there that demand a tougher shoe for the work day.

Types of mens shoes for the work day

Tough jobs require you to be on your feet for a long period of time. You might also have to work in cold, rainy conditions that demand a shoe that’s insulated and waterproof. There are plenty of mens shoes out there that fit the bill but here are just a few of the best.

Steel toe work boots

These mens shoes are mandatory in a number of jobs. It will be one of the first things they tell you: Wear a shoe with a steel toe. This makes sense for practical reasons. If you’re working near heavy machinery that moves, you’re going to want to protect your feet from injury. A steel toe keeps heavy machinery from doing damage to sensitive toes.

Waterproof boots

The steel toe is important but it’s not the only thing that matters. Many jobs are dirty and if you’re someone who has to do them, you’re going to want to make sure that you have a pair of waterproof mens shoes or boots (with a steel toe of course. This will keep your feet warm and dry and free of infection from long work days in wet conditions.

Composite toe mens shoes

If you need to protect your toes but you’re working near electrical materials and/or have to pass through metal detectors, you want to protect your toes without having to wear steel toe boots that might set off metal detectors. You’ll keep your toes nice and safe but won’t have to set off alarms to do so.

Soft toe mens shoes or boots

If you don’t work near heavy machinery and don’t need to protect those precious toes, soft toe shoes will obviously be more comfortable than steel toe boots or shoes. Men who work in non-hazardous occupations will want to buy a good pair of these. They need to be just as sturdy as any other kind of boots but they don’t have to be quite as “tough.” Make sure that you still buy a pair that is waterproof, though, because winter conditions are often cold and rainy or snowy.

These great work shoes are part of every man’s work day. There are plenty of others that are out there and you may discover them in the course of shopping online but that doesn’t mean you can’t select one of these types and still get a great pair of work shoes.

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