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Need To Know Brand House Direct

All You Need To Know About Brand House Direct

Glacier Grey

Are you enjoying the holidays in Australia and are looking for the best brands? Do you need a footwear upgrade? Brand House Direct is the best bet for you. The footwear provider has been in business for more than 30 years now. Get the best footwear along with the most appropriate accessories. All these at pocket-friendly prices.


Clients in Australia get to receive the very best brands from the world. This is made possible by the highly versatile buying team of Brand House Direct. The online shopping store boasts of slightly less than 50 brands in their collection. Talk of variety! These different brands are well spread out in the excess of 5000 items. None of these is counterfeit.

Choose from Hush Puppies Ballet Flats for ladies, Skechers Men’s Burst and Grosby Belinda Mary Jane Shoes for your kids. The items are further clustered based on size, color, price, and gender to make your choice more specific.

You can get any of your favorite brands from the one-stop shop. Brand House Direct have recently upgraded their services to optimize customer experience and offer the very best services. Clients no longer have to wait for ages for their overseas orders to get to them. The shipping fee has also gone down considerably.

Return Policy

All clients have up to 30 days to decide whether an item they ordered fits the bill. If not, they have a provision that allows you to return the item. You can opt for a refund or an exchange. 7 business days is all Brand House Direct needs to process your return. Just ensure that you don’t tamper with the item if you choose to return it.

Track Your Order

You also get the opportunity to trace the path of your order till it gets to you. You’ll only need $12.95 to track your items within Australia. A tracking number is sent to your email to make this possible.

Parcel Locker

Couriers Please and Australia Post are their shipping service providers. The latter offers a parcel locker that you can make the most of. Once your order arrives, you ‘ll receive a notification on your phone. You can then pick up the parcel within 48 hours at your own convenience. The lockers are distributed throughout the country in more than 200 locations.

Payment Options

Brand House Direct prefers payments made through Paypal as they guarantee safety for the client. They still accept debit cards as well as credit cards.

Give Feedback

Brand House Direct have centered their services on customer satisfaction. This has helped to keep them on their toes so as to meet the diverse needs of their clients. They are also open to criticism knowing full well that they can use this to make their services better. You can always send feedback on their website through their ‘contact us’ page.

Parting Shot

Save a lot as you make purchases with Brand House Direct. Be on the lookout for flash sales and promotions. Get your cart full and enjoy a seamless customer experience in the comfort of your mobile device or laptop.

Perfect Handbag Brand House Direct 

Perfect Handbag Brand House Direct 


Shopping for a new handbag from Brand House Direct can be exciting. With so many options, you’ll be sure to find one that fits you perfectly. However, you should start by ensuring that any handbag you decide to purchase has the following must-have features.

The first must-have feature is the right amount of space for your items. This is going to vary depending on the individual person. Some ladies carry many items in their handbags while others carry very few items. You should take inventory of the items that you want to carry in your handbag. Once you know what will be in there, you can decide on the right minimum size requirements for you. This is an important factor to consider when you’re first starting to look at handbags from Brand House Direct as you don’t want to be left with a bag that’s too small to house your necessities.

Next up, the material you choose can make or break your handbag from Brand House Direct. It’s important to note that different materials not only have a different look, but they have specific wearability features that can vary. For example, a leather handbag is going to be extremely durable, waterproof, and last a long time. Cotton handbags tend to be much lighter than leather, come in many colors and prints, and are very easy to wash. You should take the material into account when deciding on the right handbag from Brand House Direct as it will alter the way you can take care of your bag and how much use you can get out of it.

The next must-have feature of any handbag you get from Brand House Direct is a strap. Whether the strap is a small wristlet or a large over the should strap, you need to have one that will make carrying your bag easy. Realize that different strap lengths can change the look of the handbag as well as the look of your body with the bag. Those who are trying to detract attention from their larger hips may be better off with a shorter strap that draws the attention to the chest. The length of the strap is also going to be dependent on the individual and their preference for carrying their handbag from Brand House Direct.

Every handbag comes with its own unique set of features. The above are just some of the must-have features of any good handbag from Brand House Direct. We encourage you to start your shopping experience identifying these three features and then honing in your choice of handbag from there. This will ensure that the handbag you purchase fits your needs correctly and you’re happy with it well into the future.

Types of Mens Boots


Types of Men Boots

Men shoes are elegant and expensive. This is because they reflect the kind of person who wears them. It also shows their choice of fashion. Shoes also show if the person who wears them is refined or not. There are different types of shoes. People get to decide the shoes that they wish to wear. This depends on the weather, occasion, and the personality. Men wear different kinds of shoes depending on the type of event that they are scheduled to attend.


The different types of shoes
1. Ankle Boots
These are boots that are designed to reach the ankle. They are worn during official events and when there is cold. These boots are made from different quality materials in order to meet the needs of the customers. This gives clients a chance to select shoes that suit their needs. Ankle men boots come in various shapes and sizes.

Chukka boots
These men boots are known to be tough. They are also known as the desert boots. People can wear them as official shoes if their color is official. They are warm and cozy. The shoes have gained popularity because most people wear them in the society. People prefer wearing them at official occasions and official celebrations.

2. Hiking boots
These men boots are many in shapes and models. The men boots are won by individuals who love going out. The shoes are safe and cozy for hiking activities. It is important to note that they do not wear out in the harsh climatic conditions. They absorb sweat easily and keep the person safe all the time. They also ensure the safety of a person when he is hiking.

3. Chelsea boots
Chelsea boots are also known as Australia boots. This is because they are originally from Australia. They are ankle-height boots. Chelsea boots meet the needs of people who enjoy wearing boots most of the time. The Chelsea mens boots meet the needs of consumers who enjoy wearing boots on a daily basis. They are cozy and comfortable. They are the kind of shoes that cannot lack in a shoe store. Men who enjoy wearing Chelsea boots do so because they are the best model of boots amongst the collection.

4. Lace-up boots
These are the boots that have developed to become the best amongst youngsters. The lace-up men boots are different because they are raised. They are modified to be the best and come in various colors. This ensures that they attract the young people easily and fast. They are the most popular shoes in the market for youth. They have been produced to be worn by both men and women. This shows that they are cozy and comfortable to the point that even women like them. Many people have embraced the shoes. This should encourage boot maker to create better versions of each shoe in order to promote the sales.

Men’s Shoes

Mens Shoes For The Tough Working Man

If there’s a tough job to do, chances are that there is a crew of tough guys working on it. For this reason, there are many working mens shoes on the market that can help keep men safe, dry, and comfortable during a tough day on the job. Construction workers might be the first working men you think of when you think of men who need work boots, but there are many other jobs out there that demand a tougher shoe for the work day.

Types of mens shoes for the work day

Tough jobs require you to be on your feet for a long period of time. You might also have to work in cold, rainy conditions that demand a shoe that’s insulated and waterproof. There are plenty of mens shoes out there that fit the bill but here are just a few of the best.

Steel toe work boots

These mens shoes are mandatory in a number of jobs. It will be one of the first things they tell you: Wear a shoe with a steel toe. This makes sense for practical reasons. If you’re working near heavy machinery that moves, you’re going to want to protect your feet from injury. A steel toe keeps heavy machinery from doing damage to sensitive toes.

Waterproof boots

The steel toe is important but it’s not the only thing that matters. Many jobs are dirty and if you’re someone who has to do them, you’re going to want to make sure that you have a pair of waterproof mens shoes or boots (with a steel toe of course. This will keep your feet warm and dry and free of infection from long work days in wet conditions.

Composite toe mens shoes

If you need to protect your toes but you’re working near electrical materials and/or have to pass through metal detectors, you want to protect your toes without having to wear steel toe boots that might set off metal detectors. You’ll keep your toes nice and safe but won’t have to set off alarms to do so.

Soft toe mens shoes or boots

If you don’t work near heavy machinery and don’t need to protect those precious toes, soft toe shoes will obviously be more comfortable than steel toe boots or shoes. Men who work in non-hazardous occupations will want to buy a good pair of these. They need to be just as sturdy as any other kind of boots but they don’t have to be quite as “tough.” Make sure that you still buy a pair that is waterproof, though, because winter conditions are often cold and rainy or snowy.

These great work shoes are part of every man’s work day. There are plenty of others that are out there and you may discover them in the course of shopping online but that doesn’t mean you can’t select one of these types and still get a great pair of work shoes.

The Many Types Of Women’s Shoes

When it comes to what kind of footwear they can choose from, women have it much better than men. While men get to choose between athletic and dress type shoes, women have a wide variety of options and styles that goes well beyond the basics that men are afforded. Listed here in this article are just a few types of popular Womens Shoes Australia and the things that make them unique and special.

Ballet Flats
These women’s shoes are not just for those practicing actual ballet. They are a very popular dressy style, and can usually be interchanged with high heels when on does not feel like wearing something with a heel. A good rule of thumb is to choose these kinds of women’s shoes if you think you will spend a long time standing up at whatever function you might be attending.

Of course, flats look very cute and can instantly enhance whatever outfit you might be wearing at the time. Depending on the design, a nice pair of flats can go with anything from a beautiful dress to jeans and a t shirt. If you want to impress those around, flats are a much better option than sneakers.

Pumps are a classic sign of feminine sophistication, and for good reason. Not only do they make the person wearing these women’s shoes taller and therefore a bit more imposing, but they also contour the figure into something slightly more attractive. When wearing heels, the booty sticks out a little bit more than usual and the legs appear lengthier, giving the body some very appealing curves. Pumps are the most basic kind of high heeled shoe out there, but they are still the gold standard. When in doubt, throw on a pair of these and get ready for the compliments.

Perhaps it is raining or snowing wherever you are. Maybe it’s just a little to cold to expose any portion of your foot. No worries! Booties have got you covered. These women’s shoes are very attractive dress boots that often come with some kind of a heel. They are not quite as dressing as nice pair of pumps, but in a pinch they will be more than enough.

Usually, a pair of booties is used to enhance a casual outfit. Whether going on a non-formal date or just spending some time with friends, use booties to ensure that you are the most stylish one around.

These are just three kinds of women’s shoes to think about when going on your next shopping trip. Many women mistakenly think nowadays that there is no use for these kinds of shoe styles except for at very formal occasions. That could not be further from the truth. Everybody can appreciate a well dressed woman, and shoes are very important part of that.

So instead of throwing on the sneakers try one of the options above and just watch as people treat you better than ever. A nice pair of women’s shoes commands respect. You have to wear them to deserve that yourself.

Safety Features on Today’s Work Boots

How work boots make your day easier

Millions of Americans go to work each day and face a staggering 10,000 steps of energy before they finally retire to their homes. The amount of stress placed on the feet can be exhausting to both feet and the owner of those feet. A good pair of work boots can be an invaluable part of day for workers in high energy occupations, such as nurses, retail associates, and package handlers for major shipping companies. You’re going to do a lot of walking in these occupations and that means you’re going to need specialized shoes. For nurse’s it’s shoes. For most retail workers, a good pair of fashionable work boots is going to do wonders for feet.

Steel toe boots are one of the most highly recommended work boots out there. It can be any style, so long as that steel toe is present. The magical steel toe of work boots protects the entire foot during a long, grueling workday. Other types of work boots have certain features that regular shoes just don’t have.

Hallmark of great work boots

So what differs about work boots that make them more suited to productivity and comfort than just regular shoes? First of all, Steel Cap Boots often feature weatherproofing that regular shoes either don’t have or don’t want to have. s After all, regular shoes are there for fashion. Boots are there to make sure that you can comfortably complete your job during the day. If you have an outdoor job where you might work in the rain or extreme cold, the weatherproofing of most boots make them ideal for very cold winter work.

The steel toe mentioned before is a safety feature of shoes that can prevent injury while at work. If you’re working around a lot of heavy machinery, then you’ll be happy that the all-powerful steel toe was on your side if you manage to brush up against it on any given day. That’s not the only feature of boots that make them so necessary, though.

Some boots feature certain safety features that help workers in specific occupations. For example, electrical resistance is built into some boots. Weatherproofing features help workers in some jobs avoid painful foot infections and other major discomforts. The aforementioned steel toe of some boots protect workers against injury if they run into any heavy equipment that they’re working around.

By protecting today’s workers, boots help to alleviate much of the fatigue associated with very high energy occupations. This doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain fashionable boots, though. They come in a variety of colors and styles, just like any other kind of boots. While some boots will have a very strict requirement as to what kind of boots need to be worn on the job, other jobs are more flexible and let you inject a little bit of style into your work day with different colors of boots.

Broome Stay


Shiba Lane Apartments

Relax in the exciting centre of Broome.

Since the distant days when Chinatown was the bustling mix of Japanese geisha houses, gambling dens and shops which sustained the uniquely varied pearling community, its role has remained essentially unchanged.

It is still the vibrant commercial heart of the now booming resort town.

It continues to be Broome’s shopping and entertainment hub, albeit far more varied and eclectic and than it was in the late 1800s.

And it remains the fascinating, traditional home of Broome’s excellent restaurants, bars and nightlife.

You’ll always have a home in the best of Broome.

Shiba Lane Apartments are designed specifically for those seeking the freedom afforded by ideally located accommodation, and who also demand luxury resort-quality facilities and services.

Think of the facilities you’d want in your Broome home away from home. Air conditioning, Internet connection, a DVD/CD, dishwasher, washing machine, drier, barbecue, ironing board, iron and storage room (available on request for your golf clubs, surf board and tennis gear).

Plus a large-screen television (42” would be perfect), complete with an MP3-compatible surround-sound system.

Plus a state-of-the-art security system.

Well, they’re all here in a superbly designed, luxurious and modern, fully furnished apartment.

Apartments large enough to accommodate the most ambitious lifestyle plans.

Whatever you want and need to do while you’re in Broome, you’ll have the space and resources to do it comfortably and peacefully.

Each beautifully jarrah floored apartment comprises two spacious, carpeted bedrooms and you can choose whether you’d prefer a King-size and Queen-size bed combination or rooms with a Queen-size bed and two single beds.

Naturally, there are also two, exceptionally well appointed bathrooms.

And the open plan living spaces include a fully-equipped, gourmet kitchen with granite bench tops, a large dining room (which can double as a meeting room or office if you’re up on business) and a smart but casual lounge area.

What’s more, each apartment boasts private balconies to sit out on and enjoy the magnificent balmy Broome evenings and inspiring early mornings.

No expense has been spared on creating a five-star hotel quality experience, with priceless homestyle freedom.

Each apartment offers all the comforts of home within a stroll of the best of Broome.